Professional Interior Painting Methods

An interior paint job is an important part of your interior design, and something you want lasting a long time and looking good all the while.

An interior paint job is an important part of your interior design, and something you want lasting a long time and looking good all the while. But as you probably expect, getting the best paint job is more than just smearing some color over your walls.

Kopeck Custom Painting provides fantastic high-quality interior work including bedroom wall painting and ceiling painting to the Northern Virginia area. We will give your home a look you can be proud of. Here are some of the methods that professionals like ours use that separate decent interior painting from truly incredible work.


When it comes to interior painting, the smoother, the better. Rough or uneven surfaces can lead to uneven paint jobs that spoil your otherwise great look. To get the best results, professionals take time, sometimes more time than they spend actually painting, to sand down every surface until it is perfectly smooth and paint ready. Sanding levels out spackle or joint compound surfaces, and flattens the ridges around nail holes.

Quality Materials

Painting supplies are not something you want to go cheap on. Cheap brushes and paints can smear or paint unevenly. When preparing your paint job it is always worth it to research and buy the highest quality and most reliable paints and brushes for the smoothest and longest lasting coverage. Professionals usually recommend using a  2 ½ inch angled brush that can reach a variety of spaces and is easy to clean. A few other recommendations are using tinted primer, painter’s tape instead of masking tape, paint extender, and thick canvas drop cloths. Some of these may seem excessive, but they will save time and headaches in the future.

Take Your Time Preparing

A paint job can be expensive and time-consuming, but also something you want to look good for a long time. Any mistakes represent more time and money spent trying to fix them and may become a permanent blemish on your paint job. Unscrewing light switch covers, installing drop cloths, taking the time to place and press down painter’s tape around corners. Professional painters take their time to reduce any mistakes, corrections, and cleanups they may have to do, saving time, money, and effort in the long run.


While painting, you may spend several hours, or even days, sitting or standing in the same position as you apply paint. Your ‘Set’ is the body position you hold while working on long paint jobs. You can strain your back, arms, legs, and even eyes if you aren’t careful in how you physically position yourself or how well you light up the area. With ladders that aren’t tall enough, you may need to reach up high, sitting in cramped awkward positions to paint hard to reach corners or edges. Working in faulty, uneven lighting can also lead to both a poor paint job and discomfort that can last days.

Kopeck Custom Painting; High-Quality Bedroom & Ceiling Painting in Northern Virginia

Kopeck Custom Painting cares to take care of the work for you so you don’t have to. We offer interior painting services that suit your needs, ensuring your expectations are met throughout every step of the process. With a professional painting service, you can feel at ease and excited to come home to a living space that looks inviting. Our dedicated team provides quality bedroom wall painting services, including ceiling painting, to residents in the Northern Virginia area that you can rely on to get the job done right the first time.

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